Leonid Brezhnev

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Soviet statesman who became president of the Soviet Union (1906-1982)

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Giscard d'Estaing le croyait Deja parce que la meme annee, aux demandes de Brejnev, il donne son accord pour la signature de l'Acte final de la Conference sur la Securite et la Cooperation en Europe, c'est-a-dire, les Accords d'Helsinki.
Alain Badiou, a French philosopher, has sarcastically compared Chirac to the Brejnev years in a recent article published in Le Monde, comparing Chirac to Leonid Brejnev.
Fakat onun tam zittina Brejnev ailesinden baska birisi, kizlari Galina Brejneva, her turlu sansure ragmen uzun yillar sira disi zevkleri, davranislari ve olaylarla gundemde kalir.
L'annonce de son retour avait suscite en septembre des comparaisons avec les 18 ans passes au pouvoir par le dirigeant sovietique Leonid Brejnev, couramment designes comme l'epoque de la "stagnation".
Pope John Paul II sent a letter to Leonid Brejnev on 16th December, using indirect suggestions, a diplomatically discreet language, as we may very well observe: "I address myself to the preoccupation of Europe and the whole world as regards the tension created by the internal events taking place in Poland during these last months.
The causes of this approach reside, firstly, in USA's unilateral retreat from the Treaty regarding anti-ballistic missiles (ABM), signed in 1972 by Richard Nixon and Leonid Brejnev, document through which one limited the use of the antiballistic systems by the two military superpowers.