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a former province of northwestern France on a peninsula between the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay

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Saint Breiz (84+) although probably fortunate is capable of adding a late season winners' race to his tally.
(15) A scholarly headnote to the poem explains the technical features of the Breton original, its historical provenance--a sixth-century plague referenced in the Book of Llandaff in Jesus College, Oxford--and the translation's source text in the Barsaz Breiz of M.
The most important Breton nationalist paper Breiz Atao commended the organizers of the Fete after its third annual passage for having successfully "Bretonized" the event's program, such that all the contests, confetti, raffles and cross-dressing balls hadn't compromised its identity as a celebration made "by and for the people of the area." (56) Indeed, while acknowledging the implausibility of Bretons adopting traditional costume for everyday usage, the paper did urge that it become instead a kind of "national uniform", to be worn at fetes or at any other gatherings possessing of a "national character".
TF1 topper Patrick Le Lay, once one of DTT's most outspoken naysayers, was there with the rest, pitching for another frequency for his dominant commercial broadcaster's theme channel TV Breiz.
The operation was launched yesterday afternoon when the Cap Burgaled Breiz went down in rough seas and severe winds around 14 miles south west of Lizard Point,Cornwall.
French voices were heard during the attack and suspicion fell on the crew of the Mortolod Breiz, a trawler docked in Newlyn.
Codd was fortunate to complete his treble in the confined five-year-old and upwards maiden as his mount Saint Breiz looked held by the Colman Sweeneyridden Gin And Sin until crashing out at the last.
(32.) During this period, three additional works-"Papillons," "Kousk, Breiz Izel," and "Berceuse Bretonne"--were composed, but were never published or publicly performed.