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a person who breeds animals

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Breeders Club has built a large network of responsible breeders whose main goal is to offer high quality, healthy, happy puppies.
In a bid to attract more overseas runners, Breeders' Cup is to change the way European horses become eligible for the scheme, switching the emphasis on stallion owners rather than individual breeders.
3 March 2010 - Chinese broiler producer Yuhe International has completed the construction of a new breeder farm, bringing the company's total number of breeder farms to 28, with 15 in operation today.
Responsible breeders refuse to place a puppy in a home that is not in the best interest of the dog or owners.
But the bill, meant to combat the overpopulation of strays by requiring all dogs and cats to be spayed or neutered, has also drawn fire from breeders who would have to pay to register purebred pets.
While no one downplays the importance of reactor safety, many experts believe the real make-or-break issue for the commercial viability of breeders in the United States--and the basis for most public and industry opposition to breeders--will continue to be one of cost.
BREEDERS need prizes as much as owners need adequate prize-money, TBA chairman Kirsten Rausing stressed yesterday, as she responded to Friday's announcement that the Levy Board's contribution to the breeders' prize scheme will fall from pounds 1.
The company intends to add approximately 55,000 sets of parent breeders to the new breeder farm on or before December 30, 2009, which will increase the company's total capacity of parent breeders to 1,205,000 sets.
WELL-KNOWN breeder Bob McCreery, who has moved some of his mares to France in search of better premiums, has called for breeders' prizes in Britain to be weighted more in favour of Flat horses than jumpers.
REGARDING John Berry's low opinion of breeders' prizes, many jumps breeders are hobby breeders and lose money.
AFTER an outcry from breeders in the US, the Breeders' Cup board has reversed its decision to suspend the Breeders' Cup stakes programme that helped to fund stakes races run in the US, the Thoroughbred Daily News has reported.
I am not sure whether the author realised that I, as the joint breeder and sole owner when Inglis Drever was sold as a yearling, had not received one penny in breeders' prizes.
The decision to replace the breeders' prize scheme with British-bred owners' premiums caused ire among many breeders when it was announced in July.
All that cash comes from the nomination fees that breeders and owners pay to get their horses eligible.