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Synonyms for purebred

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Synonyms for purebred

a pedigreed animal of unmixed lineage

bred for many generations from member of a recognized breed or strain


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As a teacher, I will attempt to bring my students to an awareness and acceptance of differences that breed true respect and understanding for individuals different from themselves.
When these hybrid breeds are bred back to another in the flock or from another flock the characteristics do not breed true. The entire genetic makeup of the hybrid can yield undesirable traits, too.
Unlike hybrids, seeds saved from heirloom varieties breed true. This information provides a perfect segue for Hilgenberg to lead the group to her seed-saving demonstration.
Heterozygous plants won't breed true, and some of their offspring will be susceptible to virus attack.
In the absence of other varieties of the same species nearby, open-pollinated plants will breed true to type (i.e., seeds replicate the parent).
It is not hardy and does not breed true from seed, so plants are raised from cuttings each year.
But there will be troubles, because such animals don't breed true. A dairyman in Argentina will have to come back to Pharms Unlimited for his next calf.
He had observed that the primroses didn't always breed true, that some characteristics appeared that didn't seem to exist in earlier generations.
This breed of horse originates in Norway where the Norsk people have taken pride in keeping the breed true for around 2,000 years.