Breed's Hill

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a hill in Charlestown that was the site of the battle of Bunker Hill in 1775

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British march up Breed's Hill was clearly shorter than it would
Serious about his commitment to liberty, he hurried after attending a council of war on June 17, 1775, from Cambridge, Massachusetts, "across Charleston Neck, past Bunker Hill and out onto Breed's Hill, where the provincial troops had erected a crude fort the previous night." Upon his arrival he was offered command of the men as he had been appointed a Major General just four days earlier, but he declined by saying he came simply as a "volunteer." Three hours later, in Ketchum's words, "the desperate battle that marked a point of no return for Britain and her colonies, Joseph Warren was dead."
The lesson plan contains eight sections: (1) "About this Lesson"; (2) "Getting Started: Inquiry Question"; (3) "Setting the Stage: Historical Context"; (4) "Locating the Site: Maps" (Boston Area Today; Boston Area, 1776); (5) "Determining the Facts: Readings" (Setting the Stage for Battle; Battle of Bunker Hill); (6) "Visual Evidence: Images" (Charlestown Peninsula; Battle of Bunker Hill; Redoubt Atop Breed's Hill); (7) Putting It All Together: Activities" (Rebellion--Then and Now; Community Issues); and "Supplementary Resources." (RJC)
Called on to install a new natural gas line to serve Boston's Bunker Hill and exhibit lodge, Enterprise's crew set up its HDD unit adjacent to the 221-foot-high monument atop Breed's Hill, the actual site of the Revolutionary War Battle of Bunker Hill.
The Battle of Bunker Hill was really fought for the most part at nearby Breed's Hill, where American soldiers on the night of June 16, 1775, erected fortifications.