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delivery of an infant whose feet or buttocks appear first

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All babies are in breech position inside the womb until around 37 weeks when they tip head-down.
They say this is mainly owing to breech position of the baby, and hence vaginal birth is not recommended as it could harm the baby.
He was in a breech position before birth but managed to turn himself around during the night, causing Rohan's waters to break and his cord to wrap around his neck.
However, for those fetuses that persist in the breech position, the options are to deliver the fetus vaginally or by cesarean section (CS).
Rae was born after a difficult 12-hour labour when doctors discovered she was in the breech position.
Vaishnavy Vilvanathan Laxman, 43, tried to carry out a normal delivery of a 30-year-old patient at Ninewells hospital in Dundee, Scotland, while she should have performed an emergency cesarean as the premature baby was in a breech position inside the mother's womb, the tribunal panel said in a report, ( The Telegraph reported. 
Dr Vaishnavy Laxman, 43, should have given the 30-year-old patient an emergency Caesarean section at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee in March 2014 because the premature infant was in a breech position.
'The medical team was informed that a caesarean birth was required, because one of the babies was in a breech position, but the father objected.
The ObGyn noted that her cervix was 4-cm dilated, 1 twin was in breech position, and that labor had begun.
She gave birth to Yassim 15 days ago at Women's Hospital and was referred to the Baby Clinic at WWRC to review a routine ultrasound, due to baby Yassim being born in the breech position. Afifi said, "My first appointment at the WWRC exceeded my expectations.
The couple, who already have two girls between them, said their little boy was in the breech position and wasn't due until January 2.
But doctors have said her unborn child is now in a breech position, increasing the likelihood of another traumatic birth or the need for a caesarean unless it turns in the womb.
Some of the reasons why an emergency caesarean might take place include the baby being in the breech position or a diminished flow of blood or oxygen getting to the baby.