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delivery of an infant whose feet or buttocks appear first

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Conservative management in breech deliveries leads to similar results compared with cephalic deliveries.
The predisposing factors for breech deliveries include maternal factors (foetopelvic disproportion, soft tissue dystocia, uterine anomalies; pelvic tumors (myoma, ovarian neoplasm, etc.), and grand multipara); placenta factors (placenta previa, cornual placenta (it contributes 73 percent)); liquid factors (polyhydramnios, oligohydramnios); and cord factors (very long cord and very short cord).
Just over 1% of all vaginal births at CHBAH were singleton live breech deliveries. In this study, most of these births were preterm, and the mother had not been referred during antenatal care.
Labour was induced in 26 (10.6%) patients, and the mode of delivery was normal vertex delivery in 210 (85.4%), caesarean section 29 (11.8%), assisted deliveries 5 (2.0%), and breech deliveries 2 (0.8%).
16, a number of Lane County women have written letters to the newspaper saying they had successful breech deliveries attended by midwives at home.
After all, breech deliveries, including feet-first, are considered dangerous.
Previous studies of perinatal death with VBAC included preterm births or breech deliveries, which elevated the estimated risks of perinatal death from successful VBAC or unplanned repeat C-section.
Four other babies, in Gunma, Saitama, Nara and Tottori prefectures died between 1992 and 1999 due to the lack of professional medical workers to deal with breech deliveries.
That is why breech deliveries are best looked after in hospital.
Breech presentation for prior cesarean deliveries and first births for breech deliveries both increase the already high probability of cesarean by almost 20 percentage points.
Obstetricians at Roddom 7 perform cesareans, forceps deliveries, and breech deliveries although in the three months I was there I never saw them.
These examples are also meant to reassure the viewer that vaginal breech deliveries are safe and infrequently used as an alternative to elective cesarean section; however, watching these five women give birth, with the final two complicated by entrapped arms and extended heads, I was reminded of why I stoopped performing vaginal breech deliveries 3 years ago.
The incidence in this study was calculated the total number of admission to the corresponding group and also for the total number of breech deliveries.
Last year the delivery suite had: * 1,398 unassisted normal deliveries * 219 assisted deliveries * 14 breech deliveries * 402 caesarean sections * 27 sets of twins * 28 water births Senior midwife Donna Chisholm explains the role of a midwife says: "Midwives support labouring women and safely deliver their babies, ensuring they receive the best and most appropriate care.
Fortunately for Karin and her baby, a truly remarkable woman arrived, and she was not only supportive, but also confident, because she had experience with and knowledge of vaginal breech deliveries. As I watched a tiny foot enter into this world--I had never seen a breech baby born vaginally--I was overcome with a sense of pride for Karin and what she had accomplished.