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a metal block in breech-loading firearms that is withdrawn to insert a cartridge and replaced to close the breech before firing

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The firing pin has to extend through the frame and then through the extended breech block to impact the primer.
Not counting the slightly unorthodox appearance of the hammer and breech block, the greatest changes from the original Favorite are the solid frame construction, and the very light barrel contour.
Sharps' rifle, however, had a lever activated breech block that opened downward.
Tenders are invited for Supply of P1/155ug/093-0082 hex socket set screw (semi auto matic breech block operating mech)
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Spring Straight Pin (Semi Auto Breech Block Ope Mech)Qty 215 Nos
Tenders are invited for Cnc Hmc Machine With ~C~ Axis (Tooled-Up) For Body Breech Block 7.
De Haas notes, "the breech block, hammer and trigger are made from compressed particles of ferrous metals, by the process of sintering.
The secret to employing the mortar in the direct fire mode is the incorporation of a breech block and a pivoting base rather than the traditional base plate.
He told police that since then he had not noticed it was missing while the gun's breech block, kept in a different part of the bedroom, was also missing.
Your article on Page 10 In PS 70S (Nov 11) on Che importance of making sure the M119A2's breech and breech block serial numbers match may
Pulling down the trigger guard rotated the breech block, ejecting the spent case and allowing the magazine spring to push a metallic rimfire cartridge forward.
and feature a sliding breech block to simplify loading of compound.
Inside, you'll find a solid steel breech block insert, a steel barrel, and a steel striker-type firing mechanism for plenty of strength where it's needed.
The other nice touch to the newer design is a 3-position shell deflector just aft of the breech block.