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a metal block in breech-loading firearms that is withdrawn to insert a cartridge and replaced to close the breech before firing

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While I was at it, I also touched up the top and bottom where it make contact in the slide and breech block. With the firing pin and spring in the breech block, push it back and forth to feel if there is any drag.
Lube the pivot pin and breech block roller at least quarterly to prevent a frozen pivot pin.
If the trigger is pulled, the hammer will strike the breech block instead of the firing pin and the gun will not fire.
All these over-and-under derringers have steel breech block inserts, steel barrels, and steel striker-type firing mechanisms.
The toggle joint then bends upward so the breech block is free to move back.
(A) The nose of the original hammer was fitted with a "wedge formed key." (B) The hammer nose descends into a slot in the breech block, locking the breech and firing the cartridge.
It is important to remember that when the two halves separate, the breech block remains with the front half and the hammer remains with the rear half.
On the side and under the block is "301." On top of the rear tang is "768." The top of the breech block is stamped "v.
Your article on Page 10 In PS 70S (Nov 11) on Che importance of making sure the M119A2's breech and breech block serial numbers match may
As the trigger guard swings forward, the breech block drops away, revealing the 209 primer pocket.
To mark the location of the new firing pin hole in the face of the breech block I coated the face with Dykem and reinstalled the breech block.
De Haas notes, "the breech block, hammer and trigger are made from compressed particles of ferrous metals, by the process of sintering.
The information card also says VOCO's FP45's barrel, tube strap and breech block are made of 1050 medium carbon, cold rolled steel while the cocking piece is cast of dense zinc alloy.