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Breckinridge Construction is one of the most trusted design-build contractors of luxury residences and commercial buildings along the Gulf Coast, attracting prestigious clients and winning awards.
"Our Breckinridge computer staff," Lyons explains, "runs a half-day, one-week computer camp that teaches fourth through ,eighth grade students several different applications--multimedia, morphing, anything that gets them interested."
Hottelet, Mary Marvin Breckinridge Patterson (the pioneering female "Boy"), Janet Murrow, and broadcasting historian Ed Bliss were still on hand.
Breckinridge Chair in the Department of Political Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
The journal of Lucy Breckinridge, part of a series in Women's Diaries and Letters of the Nineteenth-Century South published by the University of South Carolina Press, is precisely the kind of document that scholars such as Clinton and others hope to find, not so much for the information it can provide about the Civil War--the war is backdrop and even raison d'etre for the journal, but the entries refer only fleetingly to battles, more often expressing fears about the safety of Lucy's Confederate-soldier brothers--but for insight into the values and opinions of a young woman of the plantation elite (Lucy's father was on of the largest slaveowners in Virginia).
Breckinridge's nomination against that of Stephen A.
Army band at Camp Breckinridge, Ky., during Korean War.
It runs through all his work, from such plays as Visit to a Small Planet (1957) and An Evening with Richard Nixon (1972), to his many novels, which include Myra Breckinridge (1968) and Two Sisters (1970).
Breckinridge. Lincoln had just joined the new Republican Party and was only the second presidential candidate it backed.
Breckinridge, with discussion of their actions on the field of Shiloh and lives afterwards, as well as their colonels and brigadier generals.
By now, you are probably aware that Command Sergeant Major James Breckinridge was selected as the new regimental command sergeant major.
Mary Breckinridge was born into high society in the late 1880s.