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Synonyms for bracken

fern of southeastern Asia

large coarse fern often several feet high

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Debbie's stepmum Pam Brecken, said: "Elisha was wearing a chain and cross necklace which took the full force."
More goals followed for Edgbaston from Anthony Straw, Paul Morris (2), Todd Eaden, Simon Brecken, Ian Harridge and Blake Timmins.
Scheduled musical performances include 7th heaven and The Original Rockin Fenderskirts on Wednesday; Brecken Miles and King by Friday on Thursday; Ultra Violet and Wall of Denial on Friday; Hillbilly Rockstarz and Saddlebrook on Saturday; and Libido Funk Circus and Zydeco Voodoo on Sunday, along with many others.
The four sisters of the bridegroom, Ashton Reeves, Brecken Reeves, Jonlyn Reeves, and Kaylie Reeves were bridesmaids alongside friends of the bride, Carrie Eaton, Scottie Ferree, Kathryn Fox, Lindsay Fox, and Morgan White.
Top, from left, are Dane Brecken, Alex Moore, Laura Easton and Megan Rowney
Neil McLean, settled in Upper Canada, and the other, founded by John Brecken, in Prince Edward Island.
STALEMATE: Ross McCormack holds off a challenge from Forest's Ian Brecken; FOREST FIRE: Neil Lennon plays the innocent man
And coroner Andrew Tweddle told his father Bryan and mother Maria, of Brecken Close, Stanley, that he could "fully understand the frustration, and perhaps anger, you must feel."
"When I was in third year a director came to the school and cast me in a play with Cain Dingle from Emmerdale and Anna Brecken who played Lady Tara in the soap.
* Amanda Johnson of Vienna and Andrew Johnson of West Frankfort, a son, Brecken
Attending the bride and groom were flower girls Bella and Vivian Hall of Nashville, Tennessee, and ring bearer Brecken Merchant of Caiy, North Carolina.
Ms Brecken said: "Those working with Mr Simpson, other work-work men entering the premises in the days after and the residents may have inhaled asbestos fibres.