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German dramatist and poet who developed a style of epic theater (1898-1956)

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If the expressionistic ambiance boldly defies Brechtian aesthetics, the white half-curtain across the askew scenery is a playful nod to granddad's signature device.
The changes I hinted at in the beginning actually are minimal: they aim at establishing a strictly chronological order even at the expense of textual coherence, and at consistently normalizing die peculiar Brechtian spelling.
The exclusion of Eisler's Brechtian remarks strikes me as all the more strange and contradictory since precisely the "'Katzgraben'-Notate," written in dialogue form as this collection is, avowedly incorporated several other voices alongside Brecht's - albeit, granted, in a version freely revised and "copy-edited" by him.
In the re-created Playboy conversations, Byrne might aim Brechtian distantiation against Playboy's seductive utopianism, and, conversely, Playboy's antielitism against avant-garde obscurantism, but the resulting work does not collapse into a void of pure negative criticality.
Not all the Smithsonian CDs are Brechtian. Though famed as Brecht's leading interpreter in the U.S., Bentley adds that he--not the German dramatist--is "the unifying factor" on all eight CDs.
You gather by now that Mr Pimlott has gone Brechtian in a concept explicitly designed to prevent audience empathy - a de-familiarisation of the Richard II we all know and love, where the king is a mere cypher standing in the way of Bolingbroke's attempts at social transformation.
In its portrait of a city, pic recalls Jafar Panahi's recent "The Mirror," though shot in an unfussy style and without that pic's Brechtian twist.
Often the narrative movement is simply played against other texts, in the form of Brechtian section headings and bits of overheard or "read" discourse.
6 Bamako (Abderrahmane Sissako) Sissako goes Gore one better with a Brechtian lecture about the impoverishment of Africa by neoliberal economic policies.
"The way we do that is through modesty, begging the audience's indulgence, like Shakespeare, or through the more fun Brechtian alienation devices."
The story, about a tour guide having her handbag snatched and discovering a Brechtian underworld ruled over by a smarmy master criminal whose racket is stealing conference delegates' body parts, is frankly so silly as to be embarrassing.
While most intellectuals were pointing to the dominant discourse of the enemy, the bourgeoisie, Ionesco extended his criticism to all practices of manipulation, thus including the politically coercive and dominant discourses of the socially conscious, Brechtian intellectuals.
Yet the message was delivered with a certain ambiguity (including humor)--a mode of presentation that could be seen as a form of Brechtian Verfremdungseffekt, or an effect of deliberate estrangement.
Sherman's Brechtian staging will combine with Baraka's distinctive, broken poetic structure to tell the story of survivor/musician characters searching for meaning in the aftermath.
London-based composer Andrew Peggie's tune-cycle (songs without words!) revolves around the notion of being an outsider from the musical mainstream, using evocative, Brechtian titles like Carol of the Unfeasibly Happy Workers or The Song of Wishing it Were Otherwise.