respiratory rate

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the rate at which a person inhales and exhales

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"Observations on things such as heart rate, temperature and breathing rate will help us develop a tool to help clinicians make decisions based on really strong evidence - the more children and young people who let us use their observations, the better the evidence will be.
Other health benefits, according to different research, include decreasing airborne viruses and bacteria in the air, normalizing breathing rate, decreasing blood pressure, inducing better sleep, and improving one's focus.
On available quantitative results, frequency-domain analysis is generally performed to extract the frequency content of the signal collected with the video method, to estimate the average breathing rate. However, time-domain analysis techniques may be useful to investigate breath-by-breath respiratory values among the time and to analyze additional features of respiration, otherwise unfeasible with a frequency-domain analysis.
PRESymptomatic AGent Exposure Detection (PRESAGED) is an algorithm that uses real-time physiological data--such as heart electrical activity (electrocardiography, ECG), breathing rate and temperature--to predict the probability that a person has been exposed to a pathogen, such as a virus or bacteria.
This included his heart rate, breathing rate and electro-dermal activity, in order to examine the physiological effect of the exciting moments he experienced in the build-up to kick-off on May 10.
Motivational Benefits of hill training | Improves your cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory fitness | Makes your heart more powerful | Helps your breathing rate become more controlled | Improves your lung function and the transportation of oxygen around your body | Develops leg strength and stamina | Helps improve your mental strength through controlling discomfort.
The technical hurdles are few since it is no longer necessary these days to measure breathing rate in addition to heart beat, a modern ECG unit would basically suffice, the researchers explained.
The OMbra is a smart bra that is aimed at female athletes, and is fitted with sensors which help track heart rate, breathing rate, calories burned, and more.
They have in mind the heart rate (HR) and breathing rate (BR) for capture from motion data, Techxplore reported.
Breathing rate was recorded visually using a stopwatch, for a certain period of time (10 min).
It coaches your posture through a synced smartphone app and reminds you when to stand up and stretch, while also monitoring vital signs like your breathing rate and heartbeat so that it knows when you're stressed and can guide you through meditation exercises.
[1] Studies have also shown that RSA and hence the HRV vary with the frequency and depth of breathing, increasing when the breathing rate is reduced voluntarily and reaching a maximum at 6 breaths/minute.
The girl, who had developed a high breathing rate, was given oxygen and monitored until an ambulance arrived.