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Synonyms for dyspnea

difficult or labored respiration

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With a variety of potential causes leading to shortness of breath or breathing difficulty, the Triage Profiler Shortness of Breath Panel targets three of the most common causes of shortness of breath, congestive heart failure (CHF), pulmonary embolism (PE) and heart attack or silent heart attack.
She began feeling depressed and experienced breathing difficulty.
The toxin may trigger a chronic cascade of inflammatory responses, an overreaction that can quickly kill some fish and likely causes the acute and chronic human health problems associated with Pfiesteria exposure, which include memory loss, learning impairment, breathing difficulty, nausea, lethargy, and skin lesions.
The cloned male calf at the Oita prefectural livestock experimental station died of breathing difficulty about 40 minutes after being born by Cesarean section.
Typically, patients report the following symptoms: chest or abdominal pain, breathing difficulty, recent weight loss, anorexia and fatigue at the time of diagnosis.
A two-year-old Emirati girl died of smoke inhalation and four of her family members suffered burns and breathing difficulty after a fire ripped through their house in Fujairah in the early hours of Tuesday.
When his respiratory distress worsened, an oral airway tube was placed, and his breathing difficulty resolved immediately.
His 4-year-old daughter complained of breathing difficulty and was transported to UCLA Medical Center.