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Synonyms for dyspnea

difficult or labored respiration

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Sum Socheath, one of the teachers at the school, said the mass fainting began on Friday morning when an eleventh-grade student passed out after suffering dizziness and breathing difficulties, followed by another one from Grade 12.
class="MsoNormalEXAMINATION I had severe pains in the lower abdomen, and breathing difficulties, forcing me to use an inhaler.
The ministry said the dietary supplements contain a substance called 'Rauvolfia', which can cause some side effects such as depression and breathing difficulties. It is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.
Advice on the council's website reads: "It is important not to come into contact with OPM caterpillars, hairs or nests as their tiny hairs can cause skin rashes and less frequently eye and throat irritations and breathing difficulties in people and animals.
<B Tom Stevens, nine, from Cardiff, was born extremely prematurely at 24 weeks and experiences breathing difficulties
RAMALLAH, May 19 (KUNA) -- Israeli army forces shot and injured 11 Palestinians during confrontations in the West Bank on Friday, while scores of Palestinians suffered breathing difficulties caused by gas bombs fired by occupation troops, the Palestine Health Ministry said.
A spokesman for Bugshan Hospital reported an increase in patients complaining of breathing difficulties because of the sand.
He said to curb the protests, Indian police and paramilitary personnel resorted to indiscriminate shelling, lathi charge and firing of shells, causing severe discomfort and breathing difficulties to the people.
DOZENS of passengers were treated for breathing difficulties after a suspected chemical incident at London City Airport.
TWO kittens could have permanent breathing difficulties after they were coloured in with marker pens, a cat rescue centre has said.
Mohammad Sudais was taken to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow yesterday after suffering from breathing difficulties.
Some cough medicines can make children more drowsy which can be dangerous if there are concerns about breathing difficulties.
"First aid has also been given to patients suffering from mild breathing difficulties, without necessitating hospital admission," the statement went on, reminding citizens of the Red Cross' free hotline number 140 for any emergency cases.
A MAN who suffered breathing difficulties and nausea while working on a wind farm was rescued by lifeboat yesterday.