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a device that measures chemicals (especially the alcohol content) in a person's expired breath


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The question now is, 'Has the Davao City government made good its commitment to acquire enough units of breathalyzers? If it has, who are keeping the units and who are tasked to undertake on-accident-site examination of the driver accident victims?
At each visit, the researchers measured blood alcohol levels by using gas chromatography and compared them to estimations of blood alcohol levels obtained from breath alcohol measures using a breathalyzer. They also used a questionnaire to determine the women's level of drunkenness.
JACKSONVILLE, Fla -- The world's best-selling alcohol breathalyzer, Self Breathalyzer, recently became available for purchase and retail distribution in the United States.
The stylus, which would come with a built-in gas sensor, would extend out and double up as breathalyzer and microphone, tech blog ( TechTimes reported , citing the tech giant's patent.
IN the second road rage incident in June, a traffic constable was assaulted allegedly by three men in a moving car for asking the driver to take a breathalyzer test in West Delhi's Mayapuri area.
While the first such "medical breathalyzers" will be specific to one type of disease (for instance, to monitor diabetes), future handheld devices will allow individual users to self-monitor and detect diseases ranging from lung cancer to anthrax exposure.
Brian Eddy, CEO of Q3 Innovations, the makers of several alcohol screeners, says more schools are using breathalyzers to deter students from drinking.
Washington, Dec 2 ( ANI ): Researchers have developed a breathalyzer that may help control blood sugar by measuring the amount of acetone in the breath.
Auto Trim Design of Amarillo is an authorized distributor of Smart Start interlock breathalyzers. Established in 1982 to provide an expanding line of mobile electronics to local car and truck drivers, Auto Trim Design of Amarillo also offers other automotive products including backup cameras, car alarms, and GPS navigation systems.
Priefer said that breathalyzers are a growing field of study because of their potential to have a significant positive impact on patients' quality of life and compliance with diabetes monitoring.