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transient cessation of respiration

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The worse the breath holding, the poorer the response to treatment.
Respiratory pressures, breath holding time, and 40 mmHg test are simple, non-invasive, and easily reproducible tests without any complications which can be used to test respiratory endurance.
The value of neurologic and cardiologic assessment in breath holding spells.
This case series study was conducted in our "Child health clinics." A total of 125 children below 6 years with Breath holding spells were enrolled between May 2012 and April 2017, out of which 10 children were excluded from the study because these children had other associated problems (like one child had Atrial septal defect, two children had Ventricular septal defect, three children had history of febrile convulsions and four children were lost for follow-up in due course).
These sequences were followed immediately by a liver-dedicated contrast-enhanced scan using Gadoteric acid (Dotarem[R], Guerbet, France) (0.2 ml/kg, 0.1 mmol/kg at 12 ml/s, 20 ml saline flush) centered at the liver with the following parameters: Coronal Dixon-based sequences for MR attenuation correction (MRAC) (breath holding) (19 sec); nonenhanced Axial VIBE FS (breath holding) (18 sec) followed by three contrast-enhanced Axial VIBE FS (breath holding) each lasting 18 sec with 20 sec gap between scans.
Rahn, "Breath holding after breathing of oxygen," Journal of Applied Physiology, vol.
Breathing tasks were displayed in traffic lights-based visual commands: green screen for normal breathing (3 min 50 s); yellow, for normal breathing in preparation for holding (10 s); and red, for an inspiratory breath holding (24 s).
For breath holding time, subject was asked to hold the breath after normal expiration and time has been noted on stopwatch till the breaking point.
Correlations among Self-Report, Breath Holding, and the IMP
Motion artifact is also of particular importance in pediatric imaging, as breath holding is often difficult or impossible in young children.
Material and Methods: A total number of 275 children aged between 6-60 months with iron deficiency anemia reporting in OPD were segregated for breath holding spells.
* first and fourth immersions were performed with breath holding until sense of discomfort (until first urge to inhale);
There is evidence (13) that during breath holding respiratory muscles make strong low amplitude high frequency contractions.
Physiological adaptations enhance the breath holding capacity of mysticetes, however in young mysticetes, the breath holding capacity is limited.