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The breastplate "For service" was established by the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus of June 14, 2013 252.
And because the Coens were working on a limited budget, the metal breastplates worn by as many as 500 soldiers in the film are molded from plastic.
Adam recently celebrated scooping a lucrative order for pikes, breastplates and helmets from the soon-to-be-opened Civil War Centre in Newark, Nottinghamshire.
I use the same techniques as the 17th century armourers and do a lot of research to get things right, even down to leaving hammer marks on munitions grade breastplates.
00PM PREMIERE Sullivan Stapleton stands up to Persian invaders led by a sultry Eva Green in a scary selection of ornate breastplates.
H OUNDS of all sizes and shapes streamed ahead across the snow, making their music, followed by bright-coated heralds and trumpeters with banners flying, gaily caparisoned horses, the King and his party in furred cloaks and burnished breastplates.
An adventurous collection of armor-like bodices and breastplates, chainmail belts and boxy leather jackets were juxtaposed and made less tough with feminine gowns, organza dresses and silk blouses.
Take note of the breastplates worn by these southern ladies which are much shorter than their Northern traditional counterparts.
He looks at infernal powers, dark waters, vengeful prayers, fragments, breastplates and clamours, geases and binding, incantation, and other aspects.
A rough list of declining value goes: helmets, breastplates, gauntlets, back plates, arms and legs/feet--although codpieces seem to fetch something of a premium.
Wearing plumed helmets, scarlet jackets, breastplates and thigh-length black leather boots, they ride in formation past Buckingham Palace every day for the Changing of the Guard ceremony which draws crowds from around the world.
Let me focus on one case study that I can legitimately claim to know something about, since it was the subject of my first academic article four decades ago: the custom of presenting brass gorgets or breastplates (also known as 'kingplates'), which Governor Lachlan Macquarie instituted in February 1815 by inscribing the first one to 'Bungaree Chief Broken Bay Tribe'.
His designs looked like origami paper sculptures brought to life or suits of amour, with pointed breastplates hiding the models' faces and inverted cones over the shoulders.
armored breastplates enamored tortoises would mount
Your bedroom has become unfamiliar; your posters and clothes have become breastplates, helmets, shields, and swords.