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Note also his hairpipe breastplate decorated with silver najas and his a-symmetrically wrapped braids.
These augers had what was called a 'breastplate.' Breastplates were usually made of wood with padding.
And because the Coens were working on a limited budget, the metal breastplates worn by as many as 500 soldiers in the film are molded from plastic.
Adam recently celebrated scooping a lucrative order for pikes, breastplates and helmets from the soon-to-be-opened Civil War Centre in Newark, Nottinghamshire.
"I use the same techniques as the 17th century armourers and do a lot of research to get things right, even down to leaving hammer marks on munitions grade breastplates.
300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE Sky Movies Premiere 8.00PM PREMIERE Sullivan Stapleton stands up to Persian invaders led by a sultry Eva Green in a scary selection of ornate breastplates. Even the water is digital in a 'Greekquel' drenched in CGI bloodiness.
H OUNDS of all sizes and shapes streamed ahead across the snow, making their music, followed by bright-coated heralds and trumpeters with banners flying, gaily caparisoned horses, the King and his party in furred cloaks and burnished breastplates.
An adventurous collection of armor-like bodices and breastplates, chainmail belts and boxy leather jackets were juxtaposed and made less tough with feminine gowns, organza dresses and silk blouses.
He looks at infernal powers, dark waters, vengeful prayers, fragments, breastplates and clamours, geases and binding, incantation, and other aspects.
Wearing plumed helmets, scarlet jackets, breastplates and thigh-length black leather boots, they ride in formation past Buckingham Palace every day for the Changing of the Guard ceremony which draws crowds from around the world.
The case studies examined by Healy consist of the 1962 television series Alcheringa, some examples of Aboriginal art and its influence on White artists (or rather, those who write about that influence), the treatment of Aborigines in the heritage industry, Aboriginal artefacts in museum collections (notably breastplates) and Aboriginal tourism in the form of the Lurijarri Trail near Broome in Western Australia.
armored breastplates enamored tortoises would mount
Your bedroom has become unfamiliar; your posters and clothes have become breastplates, helmets, shields, and swords.
Riding immaculately groomed horses, the straight backed soldiers wear elaborate ceremonial dress consisting of shiny breastplates, plumed helmets, thigh length black boots, completed with red tunics for the Life Guards and navy ones for the Blues and Royals.