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cancer of the breast

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To further clarify Twist's role in metastasis, Ramaswamy and his coworkers injected highly metastatic breast-cancer cells into mice.
To counter the problems they have faced, lesbians are becoming increasingly self-reliant, forming their own breast-cancer groups and outreach programs to educate other lesbians.
Zeneca makes tamoxifen, the largest-selling breast-cancer drug.
Routine mammograms, done every year or two on women without known breast problems, are generally recognized to reduce the rate of breast-cancer mortality by 30% in women over 50.
The drug was effective and, since its introduction almost 20 years ago, has become one of the most widely prescribed breast-cancer treatments.
But Love insists that breast-cancer activists aren't trying to take an unfair slice of the funding pie.
When the osteoporosis drug raloxifene came on the market last year, it offered women a way to strengthen their bones yet avoid the breast-cancer risk associated with estrogen-replacement therapy.
Perphenazine cut the 9-month cancer incidence to just under 75 percent, while breast-cancer rates in animals receiving the pair of hormones plummeted to between 4 and 11 percent.
Currently, the only approved use for tamoxifen is to prevent tumor recurrence following breast-cancer surgery.