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a diagnostic procedure to detect breast tumors by the use of X rays

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Routine breast screening - a mammogram - is a special breast x-ray. At worst, it may feel a little uncomfortable, but it is quick and straightforward.
WOMEN aged 50 and above from Grange town will be entitled to a free breast x-ray, or mammogram, this spring.
Women aged between 50 and 70 are set to receive a personal invitation for a free breast X-ray.
Women living in Newcastle's West End are set to receive a personal invitation for a free breast x-ray.
A consultant who destroyed a patient's breast X-ray has been found guilty of misconduct.
He scavenged an old hospital breast X-ray machine, bought parts on eBay and persuaded manufacturers to give him discounts on other components.
ALL women in the UK aged 50-70 are invited to have a mammogram, or breast X-ray, every three years.
I am 53 and have been invited to go for a mammogram (breast X-ray) but friends say it's painful and I've read that some experts think it a waste of time.