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a fatal disease of cattle that affects the central nervous system

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Breast size dissatisfaction may also activate negative self-conscious emotions, such as shame and embarrassment, that results in avoiding breast self-examination, they noted.
The Effect of Peer Education upon Breast Self-Examination Behaviors and Self-Esteem among University Students.
Awareness about Breast self-examination, clinical breast examination and mammography among the study participants.
Effects of a psychosocial intervention on breast self-examination attitudes and behaviors.
Effectiveness of Breast Self-examination Teaching to Women of Low Socioeconomic Class.
Effective and simple tools, including breast self-examination (BSE) and clinical breast examination (CBE), have been advocated.
More than 600 randomly selected women from the society and from sponsoring companies will be invited to attend educational lectures in Arabic language as part of this day, followed by an illustration of breast self-examination, which has proved to be the best, safest, fastest and easiest method for early detection of breast cancer.
The Ultra-Pure Bottled Drinking Water and Crystal Clear Ice Cubes supplier is also producing and distributing a Think Pink Bahrain leaflet with its bottles to inform customers about the importance of breast self-examination and the i-check campaign.
One is to assist patients in their time of need and, two, through our Pink Pact initiative, it is the goal of Breast Intentions to educate young women about breast health and the need for regular breast self-examination.
It is stated in past that individual occupation has a significant correlation to breast self-examination and employed women in professional occupations such as teaching, nursing, etc.
Additionally, daughters would be able to easily communicate and influence their mothers for a regular breast self-examination and medical checkup.