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There's no evidence that vitamin E or primrose oil does anything to help breast pain.
Breast pain is one of the most common breast-related patient complaints and is found to affect at least 50% of the female population.
Breast pain scores decreased similarly in both groups, by about 30%.
The researchers found that the mean breast pain score (range, 0 to 10) was 1.75 and 2.63 in the control and hypnosis arms, respectively.
Danazol is superior to bromocriptine in the treatment of cyclical breast pain. [18]
To address this, here we aimed to investigate the mostly claimed nutritional factors for cyclic breast pain using a large series of participants.
The primary outcome assessed was efficacy of treatment evaluated at eight weeks by VAS and the Breast Pain Chart (BPC).
Assuming there isn't one, it is likely that what you're describing is noncyclic breast pain, which tends to occur mainly in postmenopausal women.
For example, in a survey of 900 pregnant women, Nazik and Eryilmaz (2013) reported that 76.2% of women indicated breast pain or discomfort in the first trimester, 59.1% in the second trimester, and 44.2% in the third trimester.
Taking supplements can help too - 1000mgs of evening primrose oil and 1000mgs of flaxseed oil can reduce breast pain.
Mastalgia affects approximately 60-70% women over their lifetime with the potential for the breast pain to interfere with sexual, physical, social, and school activities.
She conducted a review of 88 of her own patients with nursing-related breast pain. Of these, about a quarter ended up with a diagnosis of nipple vasoconstriction.
But Patient 1 felt breast pain and lactated 5 ml milk from breast on the fourth day after operation, blood prolactin (PRL) 58.9 ng/ml (normal: 1.9–25.0 ng/ml), and Patient 2 felt breast pain and lactated 8 ml milk from breast on the third day after operation, blood prolactin (PRL) 48.6 ng/ml, and the milk was certified by smear observing under a microscope.
"It's important we make them more aware and that any changes, be it shape of breast, nipple discharge or general breast pain, are taken seriously.