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an implant for cosmetic purposes to replace a breast that has been surgically removed

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Reconstruction after breast implantation after mastectomy.
Complications leading to surgery after breast implantation.
Studies have identified a pattern (shared by many cosmetic surgery procedures) that suggest women who undergo breast implantation are slightly more likely to have undergone psychotherapy, have low levels of self-esteem and have a higher prevalence of depression, suicide attempts and mental illness as compared with the general population.
Local complications are common after post-mastectomy reconstructive breast implantation, with an adverse event rate of 31% in one large prospective study, reported Dr.
With silicone gel-filled implants restricted by the Food and Drug Administration, physicians are searching for a device to bridge the gap created by the continued demand for implants and the lack of availability, Although saline implants have taken the back seat in breast implantation, a new procedure advanced by Richard Mladick.
Patients with a diagnosis of depression or other mental health disorders should wait for resolution or stabilization of these conditions prior to undergoing breast implantation surgery.
Breast implants are not lifetime devices and breast implantation may not be a one-time surgery.