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"Maintaining a healthy weight may be associated with a decreased likelihood of developing breast cancer by limiting the amount of DNA damage in the breast glands."
Breast cancer research has concentrated for a long period time on deciphering the hub of the mechanism of the neoplastic changes that occur on the epithelial tissue of the breast gland. In mammals, there is clinical and laboratory evidence that the Notch family is clearly implicated in human breast cancer in different combinations.
Limitations of the study: Even mammography examination had good early diagnosis effect on breast cancer, however, for internal breast area located at the edge of breast gland or breast tumor at deeper location near pectoralis, due to the limitation of technology itself, it is difficult to incorporate these lesions into film so one is unable-to-diagnose or cannot make diagnosis.
The breast gland thickness was reduced after the 2 [sup]nd year of treatment, but its thickness was significantly greater than that before treatment ( P = 0.044).{Table 3}
The condition is most common during puberty due to presence of breast gland tissue and is different than breast enlargement due to fat accumulation.