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Synonyms for examination

Synonyms for examination

the act of examining carefully

a close or systematic study

a medical inquiry into a patient's state of health


a set of questions or exercises designed to determine knowledge or skill

Synonyms for examination

a detailed inspection of your conscience (as done daily by Jesuits)

the act of giving students or candidates a test (as by questions) to determine what they know or have learned

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Well-trained nurses using a visual inspection component and palpation in a radial pattern performed most of the breast examinations.
At a fitness to practise panel in Manchester yesterday the retired Stockton GP repeatedly said it was "totally untrue" when Elizabeth Dudley-Jones, for the General Medical Council, asked him if he got a sexual thrill from his internal and breast examinations of Patient A.
She also added, "It must be remembered that qualified doctors are conducting clinical breast examination.
The Toronto investigators found, however, that by adding an annual breast ultrasound on the same day as mammography and clinical breast examination, the sensitivity climbed to 57%.
A multivariate analysis indicated that several factors helped to correctly classify 90% of mammogram ordering: the patient was making a first visit, a breast-related visit, or a visit for an annual examination; the patient had had a previous mammogram; had a breast examination at the current visit or within the past year; and the physician believed the patient would comply and believed that a mammogram was indicated.
In contrast, the proportion who reported having had a physical breast examination changed from 70% in 1987 to 73% in 1989.
Breast cancer screening by way of Clinical Breast Examination (CBE) by a well-trained healthcare worker is simple, inexpensive and viable.
Free clinical breast examination, blood sugar test, blood pressure test, bone densitometry, ENT check-up, pediatric and spine health check-up will be given, as well as a 50 per cent discount for pap-smear.
The process begins with onsite registration, followed by a clinical breast examination by a female doctor or nurse.
Any woman who is concerned, who had a breast examination in the past two years, where no cancer was diagnosed, should consult their GP.
On the issue of cost, she questioned the role of clinical breast examination in the study and of ultrasound, which she noted was used for localization, but not screening.
In those cases, the sensitivity of MRI was 83%, compared with 26% for mammography and 20% for clinical breast examination.
He also denied carrying out a breast examination or touching a female patient at the Liverpool centre.
1) Although surveys in Vermont and elsewhere (2) indicate that about two thirds of the women aged 20 years and older receive a breast examination from a physician each year, it is not often that a cancerous lump is detected during a routine office visit.