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Synonyms for examination

Synonyms for examination

the act of examining carefully

a close or systematic study

a medical inquiry into a patient's state of health


a set of questions or exercises designed to determine knowledge or skill

Synonyms for examination

a detailed inspection of your conscience (as done daily by Jesuits)

the act of giving students or candidates a test (as by questions) to determine what they know or have learned

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The pan-UAE breast cancer initiative that falls under the umbrella of Friends of Cancer Patients (FoCP) is using the run up to this year's ride to educate the nation's population on the importance of breast examinations in combating the disease, which is the number one form of cancer in women.
Galvez said regular breast examination is the single best way to detect the disease at the earliest possible stage.
The ACS guidelines also recommend against clinical breast examinations at any age.
By 2008, annually they reported 1.3 million new cases and 458000 deaths occurred from breast cancer in females.2 Breast examination has become more frequent in developed societies in past few decades.3,4 In 2002, an estimated 203500 new cases of breast cancer were diagnosed amongst United States women and subsequently 40000 deaths can be claimed due to this life-threatening problem.5
In addition to learning anatomy and breast examination technique, women through Discovering Hands also learn communication and Braille technology skills so they can do their documentation on their own and "don't need another helping person with them when they are doing their job," Hoffmann said.
If the idea of carrying out a breast examination makes you anxious, go regularly to your doctor, say every three months, to have the examination.
This is an emotive topic that has circled from no screening at all, to studies showing poor value and lack of success in self breast examination and clinical breast examination, to worldwide acceptance of screening mammography in women 40 years old and older.
MP Ebitssam Hijris talked during the seminar and urged for the need to undergo regular breast examination procedure as the tool to prevent the onset of the disease, highlighting the need to spread awareness regarding breast cancer because as the proverbial saying goes: Prevention is better than cure."
Dr Banerjee was also cleared of failing to offer a chaperone during a breast examination but the panel did find that he had failed to record the offer in Patient A's medical notes.
The centre, which is located in Mohammad Bin Zayed City in Abu Dhabi, will offer holistic patient care services including consultation and referral, vaccination, screening, chronic disease management, laboratory, radiology, pharmacy, clinical breast examination, aACAyweqaya' screening, patient and family health education, general and family medicine, as well as travel and mother and child care, and general dentistry.
The triple assessment is evaluation of palpable breast masses by clinical breast examination (CBE), imaging and tissue sampling.
The best time to perform a breast examination is a few days to a week after your period, when breasts are usually less tender or swollen.
Specific actions can include training community health workers to identify risk factors, such as family history, and conducting clinical breast examination alongside family planning, antenatal care and safe motherhood activities.
Director General of the King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF) and Honorary Chairperson of the National Breast Cancer Committee, HH Princess Dina, signed an agreement with the Czech embassy in Amman represented by Ambassador Dr Ivana Holoubkova, to develop a clinical breast examination (CBE) national training curriculum
For adolescents with prior radiation in the neck, chest, or armpit region, monthly BSE and a yearly clinical breast examination should start at puberty.