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an implant for cosmetic purposes to replace a breast that has been surgically removed

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She said she had fallen out with the pounds 260-a-week nanny after refusing to pay for her breast enlargement surgery.
Mills said she treated Ms Trumble "like a daughter" and claimed they were "very close" until she refused to give her pounds 4,000 for breast enlargement surgery in the spring of 2008.
Speaking at the third day of an employment tribunal brought by Sara Trumble, 26, Ms Mills said they were "very close" but their relationship turned sour when she refused to give her money to undergo breast enlargement surgery in the spring of 2008.
At the third day of an employment tribunal brought by Sara Trumble, 26, Mills said their relationship turned sour when she refused to give her pounds 4000 for breast enlargement surgery in 2008.
QMy daughter is 24 and has just told us that she is going to have breast enlargement surgery.
Yee offers cosmetic surgical procedures such as facelifts; necklifts; cosmetic and functional nasal surgery; liposuction; implants for cheek, chin and lips; and breast enlargement surgery.
A teenager promised breast enlargement surgery for her 16th birthday will now have to wait until she is 18 after her parents' chosen doctor said she was too young to undergo the treatment.
The former Mouseketeer feels particularly stung by reports - some accompanied by ``before and after'' pictures - that she's undergone breast enlargement surgery.
Jerry Paysor, who said Michael Copp of Ohio was charged with stealing his mother's credit card to pay for his girlfriend's breast enlargement surgery.
Maresa said: "I was overjoyed because it meant I could have breast enlargement surgery at last.
Scleroderma, a disease of unknown cause that occurs mostly in women and may include destructive changes in internal organs as well as skin, was diagnosed in five patients (two of whom had implants following a mastectomy) two to 21 years after they had breast enlargement surgery using silicone implants.
A MODEL and fitness fanatic who struggled to find a bra to support her after breast enlargement surgery has set up a company to find 'the perfect bra'.
Mum-of-one Rachel Martin pilfered the money from Barclays over eight weeks and spent pounds 4,000 on breast enlargement surgery plus pounds 1,700 on dental work.
The mother-of-two was talking openly about her breast enlargement surgery and even told Norcross that she had caught a glimpse of his 'manhood', the Daily Mail reported.
David Jones, on behalf of Manchester College - which provides the prison service with staff - said that despite being advised to be mindful to the press, Mrs Bray gave interviews with national newspapers in which she spoke about how proud she was of her prison students, her singing, and her breast enlargement surgery.