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Synonyms for engorgement

the condition of being full to or beyond satisfaction

Words related to engorgement

congestion with blood

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eating ravenously or voraciously to satiation

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In the early weeks of breastfeeding, problems may be experienced with breast engorgement, nipple soreness, and latch-on (Newman & Pittman, 2000).
When the milk comes in, a woman can experience breast engorgement.
This suppression process occurs naturally but can be very uncomfortable due to breast engorgement.
Each year at least 300,000 women take Parlodel for treatment of post-partum breast engorgement, at a return to Sandoz of approximately $12.
Furthermore, the study found a difference in the pattern of complications: In the HPA([R]) Lanolin group only four mothers developed breast engorgement and none developed mastitis, while in the EBM group eight suffered engorgement and three developed mastitis.