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cancer of the breast

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1) Invasive breast carcinoma with neuroendocrine differentiation is a diagnostic challenge owing to the variably present and often subtle cytologic features of neuroendocrine differentiation.
Potential prognostic tumor biomarkers in triple-negative breast carcinoma.
Correlation of tumor grade and other prognostic factors in invasive breast carcinoma.
Keywords: Prevalence, Cancer, Breast carcinoma, Triple negative breast cancer, Poor prognosis.
Clinicopathological study and its prognostic implication in male breast carcinoma.
Osteoclastic giant cell breast carcinoma is a very rare type of breast tumor and cannot be radiologically differentiated from other malignant lesions.
The prognosis of breast carcinoma depends on several morphological and endocrinal variables.
While an HER2-expressing breast specimen may be initially used as the positive control, validation of actual GEA specimens is preferred, although breast carcinomas may be used if adequate numbers of GEA cases are not available.
Morphological and immunohistochemical findings were consistent with "metastatic breast carcinoma.
Although this condition is rare, it is most commonly associated with breast carcinoma with local recurrence after mastectomy.
Breast carcinoma over three decades in northern Pakistan - are we getting anywhere?
Breast carcinoma remains the most prevalent cancer among women, with over 300 000 deaths annually worldwide [1] According to the National Cancer Registry of South Africa (SA), the frequency of histologically diagnosed cases of breast carcinoma in SA for 2008 (latest available figures) is 5 923 women and 146 men per annum.
Yokota T, Kunii Y, Kagami M, Yamada Y, Takahashi M, Kikuchi S, et al: Metastatic breast carcinoma masquerading as primary colon cancer.
Most of them are known to be overexpressed in breast carcinoma tissues and can initiate autoimmune response [7-9].
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