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Synonyms for sternum

the flat bone that articulates with the clavicles and the first seven pairs of ribs

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Use the tip of the knife to cut along the breast bone, keeping the knife close to the bone until the breast has been removed.
Mr Whittaker suffered a fractured spine, breast bone and pelvis, cuts to his head and spleen, and bruising to his heart muscle.
Leeds Crown Court heard he was alleged to have been a passenger and had suffered a fractured breast bone.
The shirt has ambidextrous concealed-carry pockets positioned below the breast bone to allow for free range of motion, and safe and secure carry of a compact handgun, Taser or pepper spray.
On most mammals, the heart is just behind the breast bone. A turkey's breast, however, can be eight inches deep ( from the beard to the wing bone on a strutting turkey), and if you hit the breast from a broadside angle, you've merely hit muscle and haven't even entered the thoracic cavity The bird will run or fly away.
ATHIS is caused by inflammation in the cartilage tissue that joins your ribs to your breast bone. It's not a serious condition and often settles down on its own.
On approaching the breast of the skeleton we found immediately on the breast bone a fine plate of gold.
"Both birds appeared in good condition apart from one having some signs of blood on its breast bone. It is highly likely that they have been shot or poisoned."
All patients were performed treatment with use of criteria of elasticity (patent No.DGU02466) including the following parameters: the test of auto-correction, difference of chest excursion at a deep inspiration and expiration, "torsion" of the breast bone and the angle of steepness of the deformed ribs.
But it's a crying shame to grind or dehydrate the inside "tenderloin" strips, which lay right against the bird's breast bone. These strips are generally milder than the rest of the breast meat, and perfect for throwing on a grill or in a deep-fryer, separating them is as easy as pulling them off the breast with your fingers and tossing them into a separate bowl.
The researchers examined four tissue samples from each of the 40 women, taken from four locations across the breast from the armpit region (axilla) in towards the breast bone (sternum).
Strettle, controversially denied a try against Wales, failed a fitness Test on a breast bone injury to hand Sharples, 22, his chance.
An examination conducted yesterday morning by state pathologist Sophocles Sophocleous revealed that the 50-year-old had a wound measuring 4.5cm in width on her breast bone, evidently caused by a sharp instrument, said Katsounotos.
6 TACKLING THE BODY Finally, with the wider 'neck' end towards you, carve parallel to the breast bone, holding the turkey secure using the carving fork.