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cancer of the breast

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"There's a huge amount of evidence that estrogen is related to the risk of breast cancer in women;' Rosenberg says.
Only certain patterns of oral contraceptive use were associated with significantly elevated odds of breast cancer in women with BRCA1 mutations.
What has caught researchers' attention are two studies showing that eating soy before or during puberty is linked to a lower risk of breast cancer in women:
As with breast cancer in women, symptoms usually include the presence of a hard, painless lump and nipple discharge (usually bloody).
Blask and other researchers want to see tests to assess whether the hormone in this form can ward off breast cancer in women. But they warn that it would be premature for people to take the hormone for that purpose.
That's the message from researchers who have found that cigarette smoking may limit the incidence of breast cancer in women who carry a genetic mutation that predisposes them to the malignancy.
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