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Synonyms for breakwater

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Synonyms for breakwater

a protective structure of stone or concrete

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The company plans to re-build the marina "as quickly as possible," according to the report, conceding the primary sea defences can no longer be made of floating breakwaters due to the likelihood of more extreme weather events related to climate change or global warming.
Caption: For the construction of north and south breakwaters at Punta Langosteira in A Coruna, Spain, 1,580 15-ton and 960 25-ton Cubipods were used.
A slight lull over the winter has been replaced by a period of intense activity, with five concrete caissons arriving within three months, and continued work on both breakwaters, piling operations and dredging.
Etap has called on the communications and works minister for urgent help in building breakwaters in an attempt to halt the process.
Breakwaters are commonly constructed at a distance from the coastline, aiming to reduce coastal erosion or provide safe harborage.
Van der Meer contributes his scientific experience and Sigurdarson his practical experience in berm breakwaters to present a guide for the practical designer.
KUWAIT, June 15 (KUNA) -- The Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) said on Wednesday it has won a US patent for inventing a new type of floating breakwaters aiming at preventing breaches from washing away.
Dubai: Nakheel has called in a familiar name to take on the task of creating 23.5 kilometres of coastline and breakwaters at Deira Islands, in a project that will cost around Dh550 million.
Nakheel appointed marine engineering contractor Van Oord to deliver 23.5km of coastline and breakwaters at Deira Islands, its 15.3 sq km waterfront city in Dubai.
Dubai -- Master developer, Nakheel, has awarded a Dh387 million contract to Van Oord to deliver 23.5 kilometres of coastline and breakwaters at Deira Islands, its new, 15.3sqkm waterfront city in Dubai.
As the breakwater system remains in the seabed at ordinary times, it enables breakwaters to be constructed at port entrances and the mouths of rivers, something that is impossible to do with conventional breakwaters because they would block sea traffic.
In coastal zones, the breakwaters, such as composite breakwater are widely used to protect the coastline from damage and erosion; and also protect the people living in the zones near to the coastline from death and properties loss.
The SEE is an official supporter of the ICE conference on Coasts, Marine Structures and Breakwaters, 17-20 September 2013, at Edinburgh.
Coasts, marine structures and breakwaters; adapting to change; proceedings; 2v.