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Synonyms for breakwater

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Synonyms for breakwater

a protective structure of stone or concrete

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Some of these are from sea vessels such as those docked near the breakwall or sailing the waters.
Hughes managed to supply enough live pinfish for us to waylay snook at the breakwall, but in the storm-blasted coves we resorted to other measures.
"The breakwall attenuated the waves," Donovan said.
The facility is used by the Temiskam-ing Shores Sailing School and the part of the breakwall where the building was removed isn't considered safe for use by the students.
Large carp and other fish swim in and out of the wreckage, which is usually clouded wave action near the breakwall.
and the breakwall which was much larger than I imagined
The rig is cast and jigged back through the alewives--or simply jigged vertically along the breakwall or seawall.
Summary: Dubai UAE, 20th January 2010: Maui Jim the Official Eye Wear Partner at Abu Dhabi Golf Championship announces the launch of their Sports collection SugarBeach and Breakwall. The trendier sunnies are specifically meant for Golfers as the collection promises fashion, comfort and ideal design for engaging in golfing.
"They were putting a new beach in and a breakwall about 350 metres out, along with the two statues.
ABP said the breakwall protecting it in rough economic seas was that more than half of its UK ports' business over the next 12 months remained underpinned by contracts and no single type of cargo accounted for more than ten per cent of its sales.
Under the fierce mid-day sun, Operation Vigilant Hammer began for us when the USNS Watkins passed the breakwall at the port of Ash Shuaiba, Kuwait.
The immediate port facilities at Bethel include a small boat harbor, which is a section of floating dock moored along the city's breakwall, as is the petrol harbor, which connects to shoreside manifolds to supply various fuels.
The first record of the species from Indiana waters was a single, 152-mm-TL (Total Length) specimen collected during June 1993 from along a breakwall in Michigan City Harbor in LaPorte County.
Nevertheless, at this point, a foundationalist might seek to stop the erosion by erecting a sort of breakwall between narrative and experience.
In addition to bag limits, no gill, surround, or cross netting is allowed at any time within the Hilo breakwall, but all types of fishing are permitted year-round outside this area.