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the termination or disintegration of a relationship (between persons or nations)

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rather than forced breakups of the underlying businesses," Ives wrote.
In the new study, the scientists report that, contrary to conventional thinking, a specific kind of electrons with much higher energy, called radiation belt electrons, are involved in the auroral breakup. Named after their location in the Earth's radiation belt, radiation belt electrons had not been clearly associated with auroral breakups before.
I don't think gender plays an important role in breakups. When somebody wants out, that's it.
Mend is the #1 self care app for breakups and beyond.
And if you're on the other side of the breakup, well, there's an app for that, too.
To uplift Anjali's morale and to make her feel better, Channel V is throwing a party to celebrate her breakup in a unique manner.
Washington, April 3 ( ANI ): In a new study, researchers have discovered unexpected climate-driven changes in the mighty Mackenzie River's ice breakup. This discovery may help resolve the complex puzzle underlying why Arctic ice is disappearing more rapidly than expected.
Nonetheless, further research is needed in this predominantly Hispanic female psychology student population in light of other data showing cultural differences on the breakups of Cuban-Americans, Mexicans, and Spaniards (Rodriguez, Montgomery, Pelaez & Salas, 2003).
Religious/spiritual struggles in coping with romantic breakup. Forty-five items from the RCOPE scale (Pargament et al., 2000) were used to assess the degree to which participants experienced R/S struggles and turned to R/S resources in coping with their breakups.
Sbarra (2006) followed participants as their breakups were happening, using an experience sampling method, which allowed on-line judgments of emotional recovery that were not subject to the judgmental biases and distortions of retrospection.
Background literature on the variables that appeared to be affected by romantic breakups suggested the following: Gender differences in breakup distress have rarely been reported.
``Baggage'' is a word that comes up a lot in dealing with breakups. While it often refers to the emotional issues many of us carry around, it can also be literal, Friedman says.
This one focuses on recovering from breakups, and it can be supportive for any kind of relationship.
Some gay and lesbians couples who decide to marry in Massachusetts could get a crash course in how legal divorces differ from past breakups: Not only will their split require a judge's signature, it also could require one spouse to pay alimony, share retirement savings, and split up a lifetime's worth of belongings.
Such breakups aren't just an observational curiosity.