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a song about love or expressing love for another person


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"How the West Was Won" is sort of a love or breakup song, and despite its brashness shows tenderness.
"In that sense, 'Picture Perfect' is sort of a breakup song. I was breaking up with the image of relationships I was taught to want but that isn't actually fulfilling." Belle--who identifies as queer--adds, "The moment I wrote the song, I envisioned it as a duet with a man.
She'd like to find a male vocalist for one country breakup song that's written from the man's point of view.
A couple of highlights include a great breakup song with accordion called "Never Gonna Happen," and then there's "Not Fair," about a man who's great in every aspect ...
I miss Seattle where your arthritic flakes are treated like the Serengeti if it were a breakup song on skip.
Already massive in the States, thanks to their Disney Channel show, the LA-born duo look likely to break through in Britain with album standout Potential Breakup Song which is just quirky enough to give them an edge.
TEEN sisters Alyson and Amanda Michalka are huge in the US after being championed by the Disney Channel, and are set to break big here with breakthrough single Potential Breakup Song. Famous in the tabloids back home for their virginity and dismissal of the theory of evolution, they're deeply Christian - a moral version of the Big Brother twins.
Even "Tapestry's" overplayed hits "You've Got a Friend" and "It's Too Late" (probably the gentlest breakup song ever written) sounded fresh.
"It's a breakup song that just isn't my breakup," Bay said.
Tegan explained that the new release is not really a breakup song, but rather a song that is more about finding the inner strength to stand up for one's self and take the high road when romance trns sour.
For the meantime, Swifties (Swift's fans) could only hope that her new affair will not lead to another breakup song soon.
The Dublin singer admitted he would love to pen a breakup song for his fellow judge on The Voice.
Speculation over which unseemly ex-boyfriend - from a pool that included Joe Jonas, 'Twilight' star Taylor Lautner, John Mayer and Gyllenhaal - inspired the 22-year-old singer's new breakup song had mounted since its release last month.
In fact, the wonderful Jen Foster's breakup song, "Taking Bob Dylan," is a nod to this phenomenon.