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Jesus revealed himself in the words of scripture, in the breaking of bread and in prayer.
Offer hospitality to strangers ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]--philoxenia) as unto me, and pray that their eyes be illumined at the breaking of bread and their hearts burn as did yours when I speak to them.
I was talking about taking a risk of entering into relationship with somebody one would not ordinarily get to know through the breaking of bread. What happened?
10th Ave., followed by breaking of bread. 541-998-2633.
* The Council described the fundamental nature of the liturgy as the celebration of the paschal mystery and the eucharistic sacrifice as "the completion of the work of our salvation." How can that be reconciled with my experience, made in many different parishes, that the sacrificial understanding of the Mass has been completely eliminated from the liturgical language and the Mass is now understood only as a meal or "the breaking of bread?" In what way can one justify this profound change by reference to the Council?
"They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer."
then turns to Jesus' feeding of the multitude and to his table fellowship during his ministry, at the Last Supper, and in the postresurrection breaking of bread at Emmaus, finding in these images rich links to the history of bread among the Hebrews.
For example "(Acts 2:42) and they continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine and fellowship in the breaking of bread and in prayers." If the reader is not familiar with Christian scripture then there could be some confusion.
But Will notes that Obama is coming into office at a time when the country is in such disarray, it will be hard to judge him without taking the situation into account: "Conservatives can't be absolutely confident about what we do next because we have not been in this pickle before." Perhaps that's one reason that in mid- January, Will hosted at his suburban Maryland home a dinner meeting -- a literal breaking of bread -- with Obama and several notable conservative pundits, almost all from the print (not TV) side.
This last supper thus becomes the first communion from which, in the breaking of bread and the pouring of wine, circles of remembrance ripple out over two millennia beyond an upstairs room in Jerusalem to the churches of Merseyside today.
On what traditionally has been labeled Good Shepherd Sunday, we get an odd pairing of the first ten verses of John 10 with the well-known passage from Acts that considers all that has happened in the first two chapters, and thrusts the fledgling community into its ongoing dailiness, where the faithful devoted themselves "to the apostles' teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers" (v.
The Christians of the first Church not only met daily for teaching and fellowship, but also enjoyed 'the breaking of bread' (Acts 2:42) together.
Preparation for preaching talks, Sunday morning breaking of bread services and other Bible-based talks and discussion groups takes up a large proportion of my time, but they do provide me with another good incentive to read my Bible.
Christ's flesh, though "separated from us by such great distance," nevertheless "penetrates to us, so that it becomes our food"; the Spirit "truly unites things separated in space." Though the breaking of bread is a "symbol" and not "the thing itself," nevertheless, "by the showing of the symbol the thing itself is also shown" (4.17.10).
This breaking of bread together, referred to as mumalaha, completes the ritual of reconciliation.