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a pitch of a baseball that is thrown with spin so that its path curves as it approaches the batter

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"That's not normal," UO catcher Mitch Karraker said of the four straight breaking balls. "That's like a big-league thing.
I then start working a breaking ball that starts in the middle of the plate and breaks outside the zone.
The specific recommendations, therefore, do not conflict with what the coaches told them about throwing breaking balls.
hitter), this can be a four-seam fastball on the corner or a two-seam fastball that tails back on the corner (or a breaking ball).
Hanson threw 97 pitches, keeping the Red Sox off balance with a fastball in the mid-90s mixed with nasty breaking balls.
Rudy May because I couldn't pick the ball up off of him too good, and he had a nasty running fastball and a Sandy Koufax breaking ball. And Mike Boddicker, who threw, slow breaking balls, slow breaking balls, slow breaking balls, used to just frustrate me.
COACH: Do you subscribe to the theory that college and high school pitchers are hurting their arms by trying to throw breaking balls?
"He hit the outside corner with two strikes quite a bit and he did a good job of throwing breaking balls early in the count," Central coach Kyle Nelson said.
From Christy Ring to Ger Loughnane, Joe Brolly to Joe Kernan, Babs Keating to Pat Spillane and John O'Mahony to any Joe Bloggs in the pub, Breaking Balls is filled with the most hilarious anecdotes, urban myths and quotes of the past two decades.
Murray was perfect through three innings with seven strikeouts - four looking at spectacular breaking balls - until Shawn Frigon reached on an infield error in the fourth.
Epstein said he believes that Chatwood may be able to use his curveball more now that hes away from the thin air of Denver, where breaking balls dont break as much.
"We wanted to take the game to Cork and for a lot of the game in the first half - the goals came from our mistakes more so than them penetrating, us giving the ball away, breaking balls going their way and if there was a sweeper there it would probably still have went in.
Matthew Blinkhorn and eoin Doyle got the goals, both pouncing on breaking balls inside the area from Joseph ndo corners in the second half, while Richie Ryan also smashed a free-kick against the post early in the second half.
"Midfield will be crucial and if we can prevent Galway from picking up breaking balls in this area, we have the ability to cause problems for the Galway backs."
His work on breaking balls around the middle is phenomenal and once he starts spinning forward he's always worth a free.