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the first meal of the day (usually in the morning)

eat an early morning meal

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provide breakfast for

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A common breakfast of the time was "scrapple"--pork scraps and trimmings with cornmeal congealed into a loaf and fried in butter or lard--making us wonder how such breakfasters could construct the most prosperous nation in history without succumbing to massive heart attacks.
I noticed groups of early morning breakfasters clustered around radios in the coffee shops, listening to broadcasts which I assumed were news.
"That means that 90 percent of consumers are looking outside of restaurants and chains for breakfast." A few ways that in-store bakeries can attract this potentially huge number of breakfasters, according to Wurzer, are as follows:
If only my fellow Californian breakfasters had been at the races, I can imagine their response at hearing of one man's domination of this competitive handicap.
9am: Once the breakfasters have started to thin out, I reply to emails.
Connie Wilkins, owner of the Free Dominion Internet blog, which advertised the Kingston gathering, says the breakfasters were "all bloggers who are angry with the direction the Conservative party has taken." Wilkins and Silvestro say their anger was sparked by such incidents as the government's plan to ban incandescent light bulbs, and the party's mistreatment of hockey player Shane Doan (see story page 20).
Red-winged blackbirds cadged crumbs from early breakfasters or gamblers having a last Bloody Mary before going to bed.
Number Three, destination for champion breakfasters, is a case in point.
EARLY START: Claire Wozencroft (centre) with fellow breakfasters (from left) Paul Negus, John Doyle and chapter director Suzanne Savage
Later that afternoon I saw some of my fellow breakfasters sunning themselves in one of the beautiful fourteenth century Romanesque squares, still in their Ireland jerseys and absolutely skulled with the drink.