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Synonyms for breakdown

Synonyms for breakdown

a cessation of proper mechanical functions

an abrupt disastrous failure

a sudden sharp decline in mental, emotional, or physical health

the separation of a whole into its parts for study

Synonyms for breakdown

the act of disrupting an established order so it fails to continue

a mental or physical breakdown

an analysis into mutually exclusive categories

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According to the survey, there is an average 5% chance of a breakdown for a car up to five years old - with only a 3% chance of a car letting you down during the first three years of its life.
Saga has added to its roadside car breakdown service with a new policy that protects against garage bills.
2) A tuberculosis breakdown is confirmed when a visible lesion, typical of tuberculosis, is seen by an official veterinary officer in the carcass of a tuberculosis reactor at postmortem or, if Mycobacterium bovis is cultured from the set of lymph glands that are routinely collected at postmortem and sent to a state veterinary laboratory for culture.
Repairing something before a breakdown typically results in savings of 50%-90% as a comparison of Figures 2 and 3 implies.
The breakdowns seem to worsen as the buses age, longtime riders said.
A manual in 1960 urged people to understand that breakdowns were no more manageable than shell shock or battle fatigue.
This information must be compared to the temperature characteristics of the lubricant to ensure against breakdown.
It is critical for agents and clients to understand that this coverage protects against breakdown of equipment, a peril that is most often not covered by a typical property policy.
Preliminary investigations showed that breakdown was caused by a malfunction in a battery-charging system.
Robinson recommended banning the use of race/sex classification in casting breakdowns except where casting an actor of a specific race or sex is truly integral to the narrative.
The Select Machinery Warranty is applicable to all eligible inventory of participating used machinery dealers and new machinery manufacturers, providing extended coverage against mechanical or electrical breakdown.
HSB also helps agents become more familiar with equipment risks for various classes of business by giving them online access to at-a-glance equipment exposure information that illustrates what equipment businesses use, how it can break down, and what breakdowns cost.
This warranty covers mechanical and electrical breakdowns for 90 days after the buyer has paid in full and taken possession of the equipment.
Pro will provide capital-intensive companies with solutions to maximize equipment uptime and help eliminate unplanned and costly breakdowns.