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a form of solo dancing that involves rapid acrobatic moves in which different parts of the body touch the ground

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Summary: With a background in gymnastics, Lady Jules is one of the most respected female breakdancers around.
He developed into a prodigy on drums and an accomplished breakdancer while still a youngster, when he also began to learn the rudiments of studio production.
HE is only two years old, just recently learned to walk and still wears a nappy - but Romeo Demarco is Scotland's youngest breakdancer.
The breakdancer was recently added to the Guinness Book of World Records for carrying out a record number of "windmill" dance moves in the space of 30 seconds.
Breakdancer George Sampson is joining the 2009 finalists on tour, starting at Birmingham NIA Academy on June 12, then returning to the venue for a second, just announced, show on June 24.
Faryl was pipped to the top spot on Saturday by Warrington breakdancer George Sampson, 14, who now gets to perform at the Royal Variety Show.
They included B-Boy Ivan, (below right) the world's best breakdancer, Supernatural, the world rap freestyle champion, DJ Noize, the World Supremacy scratch DJ champion, TC, the UK football freestyle trick champion and Marquelle Ward (bottom left) basketball freestyle trick champion.
A feast of bravura turns followed: a breakdancer performed on sneaker skates, flipping upside down, and spinning on one hand.
Romeo The 9-yr-old is a budding karate kid Cruz Hip 7-yr-old is a young breakdancer Harper Still a baby, she's best at dribbling David Footie legend is not busy this summer Victoria Posh is not Sporty but can dance Brooklyn Like his dad, the 13-yr-old's into soccer
NICE MOVES: Valter Bastos shows off a move OVER YOU GO: dancer AJ helps Matthew Morgan IN A SPIN: Breakdancer 'Breaks', front, with pupils, from left, Nada Khartabil, Cagney Peebles, Jakub Lach, Ben Gordon, Back row, from left, dancers Ben 10, AJ and Marcus.
Meanwhile, winner breakdancer George Sampson, 14, is off to LA to hone his skills.
TEEN breakdancer George Sampson beat the odds to win the live TV final of Britain's Got Talent last night.
But the winner was a breakdancer, so he could not benefit from the prize, a recording session at HD1 Studios in Hillhouse.
Jawhar Zitouni hopes to show off his talents and be crowned the region's top breakdancer as he goes head to head with 15 other hopefuls at the Red Bull Breakdance Championship-One Qualifier Egypt 2012 in September.
The 16-year-old breakdancer, who won the second series of Britain's Got Talent in 2008, is highly critical of himself and his moves, but revealed: "If I'm not then my mum is because you have to be.