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Synonyms for break dance

a form of solo dancing that involves rapid acrobatic moves in which different parts of the body touch the ground

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For his antics, Gor Mahia fans simply called him Oloo "Breakdance" or Oloo "Break Soo" this one Sheng for something big.
Boys who breakdance are called B-Boys, the word for girls is apparently B-Girls -- and any film about breakdancing is bound to be a B-movie.
Set in the confines of a psychiatric hospital, breakdance becomes a way of expressing freedom and rebelling against the iron rule of Nurse Ratched, who happens to be a ballet fan.
A single shaft of light drew them towards the gladiators' circle where they would battle it out to show their breakdance credentials and to outshine the opposition.
The RPA, which is an executive agency of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, said that the inquiry found no evidence of naked leaping from filing cabinets, sex in the toilets, drug taking at work or breakdance competitions, but that some inappropriate behaviour had taken place.
"He used to breakdance in his youth but he was pretty rusty.
Six months after Election Day, campaign '04 feels a bit like that bourbon-fueled night you made out with the clerk in the next cubicle, or the summer you joined that self-improvement group that turned out to be a cult, or the year in junior high when you wore parachute pants everywhere and insisted against all evidence that you could breakdance. Mistakes were made.
By PHILIP ONYANGOFormer Harambee Stars and Gor Mahia player Ben "breakdance" Oloo was found dead Monday morning at his house at Koo Chonjo in Mombasa.The gifted left winger, who joined Bandari in 1984 from Lake Warriors, was found dead on his bed but it could not immediately be established how he died.
There's a chance to see Warwick Drumming Society featuring Warwick Breakdance at the university Piazza today while other highlights include stand-up comedy at Warwick Arts Centre Studio with performers fresh from the Chortle Student Comedy Awards and from the Edinburgh Fringe.
Not content with turning out pizzas for hungry Heaton residents, Pizzaholic fast-food staff are performing nightly breakdance routines to entertain growing crowds.
Funkarama, on Wednesday nights at the Belfast city centre club, is a mash-up of the best in B-boy culture from breakdance, turntablism (I'm assured this is a proper noun), streetdance/breakdance and MC Battles.
Breakdance is a street dance style that evolved as part of the hip hop movement in the USA during the early 1970s, but is now a global competitive phenomenon.
Tomorrow, Edinburgh-born 'B-boy' Bilal - who is known as Ma'Roc on the dance circuit - will compete in the annual Castle Rocks Breakdance Championships, one of the biggest breakdancing competitions in the UK.
Hanifa, whose street name was Bubbles, toured the UK with her mates performing acrobatic backspins and windmills in front of huge crowds at breakdance "battles" against other crews.
The Breakdance 2 CD set is the ultimate in hip-hop and brings Sugar Hill and Tommy Boy, the two key hip-hop labels, together for the first time.