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Synonyms for breakable

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Synonyms for breakable

easily broken or damaged

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Antonyms for breakable

an article that is fragile and easily broken

Related Words

capable of being broken or damaged


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In other larger rooms, placement of decorations and breakables will be a challenge that must be well thought out.
Unleashed is a perfect place where one can openly express their anger and relieve their stress by gearing up and destroying "a vast variety of daily breakables," as the official Facebook page explains.
Just make sure they don't swing it about near breakables.
Clearly not a fan of Maia's packing skills, Johnny tweeted listening to the interview in the UK: "Afraid to say @Tubridy2FM that @MaiaDunphy packs breakables like she's throwing combustibles out of a burning building #OCDNightmare."
What about the family heirlooms and breakables? Where to pack the children's favourite toys for easy access?
DIY OLYMPICS Compete in family indoor Olympic events with items around your house (clear away the breakables first): | Bowling: Set up empty water bottles and knock them down with a ball.
This is a great budget stocking-filler for young chemistry fiends - just make sure they don't play with it near any breakables. Suitable for kids aged eight and above, PS3.99, Lakeland stores and
Please don't include breakables, food, sweets, toys with batteries, war related items or medicines.
It's also warmer underfoot and kinder if you accidentally drop breakables.
Traditional village fete attractions such as the lucky dip pulled in the punters, while a particular favourite with children was Age Concern's Smashing Time stall - a dresser full of dinner plates, glasses and other breakables at which people could hurl balls.