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Teacher Paula Davidson said: "We went to Dance City for a workshop in break-dancing and ninja dancing, and the pupils thoroughly enjoyed it.
Although the scene in Dubai is dominated by high school students with a lot of time on their hands, break-dancing is not just for teenagers.
I used to do break-dancing at the time and I remember break-dancing at a club there.
After a dance-off warm-up (where the class is split into two and faces each other), participants are taught a series of hip-hop moves and floorbased break-dancing techniques before some free-running.
Instead of joining family and friends in the audience, they abandon their mortar boards and graduation gowns as music erupts, and burst into an energetic dance sequence, which includes break-dancing and cartwheels.
The Britain's Got Talent winner taught the youngster some dance techniques and break-dancing moves.
Also known as break-dancing, it's the street-style dance that evolved as part of the hip-hop movement among African American and Puerto youths in New York.
Categories include ballroom dancing, break-dancing and salsa.
Headstands, handstands and freezing his body in seemingly impossible postures is part of the repertoire of this young man from Las Vegas who won the Red Bull BC One 2007 - the world championship in break-dancing, also known as breaking, b-boying and b-girling.
FULHAM mascot Billy the Badger tried to liven up yesterday's clash with Aston Villa with a spot of break-dancing at half-time.
Located high up on deck 19, highly skilled performers will run workshops with a host of exciting activities on offer including tight wire, acro balance, clowning, break-dancing, juggling and stilt walking.
"B-boying has nothing to do with politics," says Yegor Sheremetyev, who runs a break-dancing school in Moscow.
The former Blue Coat School pupil, who changed his name from Smith to Colerado for performance purposes, said: "I mainly taught myself to dance with a bit of help from my dad, who used to do break-dancing.
'The participants really relate to the break-dancing theme.
ULSTER teenagers are banging on the doors of a west Belfast youth centre - to learn break-dancing.