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Synonyms for breadstick

a crisp stick-shaped roll

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Scoop the houmous back into the pumpkin and serve with the peppers, breadsticks and pitta chips.
A new feature of the All You Can Eat Program is the availability of $1 add-on sides, including 3 meatballs, 4 breadsticks or a side garden or Caesar salad ($1 per side per person).
Wednesday at Kappa Delta sorority house; presale tickets available for $5, or $6 at the door; unlimited spaghetti, breadsticks and refreshments; house tours, photo booth and entertainment with live deejay; all proceeds go to Prevent Child Abuse America and local nonprofit Looking Glass Station 7; sorority also will host "Color Me KD" 5K fundraiser at 10 a.m.
Merseyside crook Richard Harrison, 58, helped arrange an PS8m shipment of heroin smuggled in a batch of breadsticks at a meeting between four kingpins at a Liverpool city centre restaurant.
Top with up to 8 level tbsp light aerosol/squirty cream 18g bag Skittles SOMETHING SAVOURY 17g bag KP Skips 2 x breadsticks and 3 level tbsp reduced-fat onion and garlic or sour cream and chive dip 2 x mini sausage rolls 21g bag Kellogg's Special K Cracker Crisps, any variety SOMETHING TO DRINK* 125ml glass of dry white, red or rose wine 1 x 35ml whisky or white rum and diet cola 25ml Bailey's over ice 50ml dry or sweet Vermouth with diet lemonade *It's possible to still lose weight and enjoy a drink every now and again.
NEW YORK -- Maybe there is such a thing as too many breadsticks.
Bosco's, which is known for "The Original Bosco Stick," makes a variety of stuffed breadsticks and frozen pizzas.
A SCOTS heroin baron and his two henchmen were jailed for almost 29 years yesterday for a plot to smuggle PS8million of the drug in a cargo of breadsticks.
Highly recommended for both personal and library cookbook collections--one doesn't have to be diabetic to savor mouth-watering delights such as Foccacia Breadsticks, Chipolte Chicken with Peach Salsa, Maple-Orange Roasted Carrots and Beets, Summer Corn Tortilla Soup, Vegetable Israeli Couscous, Blueberry Muffin Bars, and much more!
"Offer breadsticks or garlic cheesy bread at a discount with the purchase of pizza," Odde suggests.
Try bread and breadsticks, unsalted nuts, baked crisps or pretzels instead.
Packed with family-based cooking activities, fun facts, even vocabulary-building sidebars, Baking with Friends is a joyful, user-friendly guide filled with recipes ranging from waffles to breadsticks to monkey bread, country fruit cobbler, and much more!
Customers could then choose from three new DiGiorno brand offerings: Supreme Pizza with Garlic & Herb Breadsticks, Pepperoni Pizza with Cheesy Breadsticks, and Four Cheese Pizza with Cheesy Breadsticks--each complete with marinara dipping sauce.
They giggled at a fax machine, and stared in wonderment at peanuts and breadsticks, not the sort of foodstuff you get in Pyongyang.