Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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used as a leaven in baking and brewing

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The bottle-neck should be cut and filled with 200 millilitres of water, after dissolving 50 grams of sugar into it along with one gram (half a teaspoon) of bread yeast.
Director of the center Salah bin Mohamed Eid said the Kingdom had abundant quantities of dates for production of bread yeast.
Volume sales of flour have risen 4% despite a 22% price hike, while self-bake mixes and culinary aids are up 13% by volume, cake coverings 9%, bread mixes 7% and bread yeast 5%.
The researchers confined some tadpoles in cages at each site and gave the animals injections of either an inert solution or a dose of bread yeast, a frog pathogen.
And the possibility of discovering life beyond Earth is a siren song to anyone with curiosity, even if, as is surely the case for Mars, that life is no more sophisticated than bread yeast.