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someone who bakes bread or cake

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Per Diane Connell, unless you have a bread machine with a gluten-free cycle you need to take the paddle out to prevent the dough from rising more than once.
The Bread Machine Bible" by Anne Sheasby is a must-have for your dining pleasure at home.
Here's my best defense: On the dough cycle, the bread machine is nothing more than a mixer with a timer that signals the end of the knead and first rise.
Rustic European Breads from Your Bread Machine, second edition
I won't speak for anyone else, but I don't like what comes out of bread machines.
But, like the inventors of the bread machine, these food fabricators have removed one of the incentives that lured me into the kitchen in the first place - to create something edible I could call my own.
Add to the liquids in the bread machine pan: 1/2 cube butter, chopped up; 1 teaspoon vanilla; 1 teaspoon Sweet N Low[R] liquid (1 pkt.
consumers purchasing Fleischmann's Yeast over other brands, the company has a complete line of yeast products including Fresh Active Yeast, Active Dry Yeast, RapidRise Yeast, Bread Machine Yeast, and a line of Bread Mixes.
That once fashionable bread machine now is more likely to be used as a doorstop: Only 9 percent of consumers will use bread machines during the holidays.
8%, have been helped by the launch of Hovis Super Strong white in January which carries bread machine manufacturer Panasonic's endorsement.
Salsbury: Have you found that the order of ingredients into the bread machine affects the final outcome (when using sourdough starter), and how long do you let your buffins rise after you have cut them out with the tuna can?
For best results, invest in a bread machine for perfect wheat-free bread every time.
If you are repeating the dough cycle on a bread machine for a second time, it will really improve the texture.
While Regal Ware traditionally has focused on the mass channel, Krueger said a surge in department store sales of its Kitchen Pro bread machine has opened up that channel of distribution for the company.