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a place where food is dispensed to the needy

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In 2008, at least seven people died in fights in bread lines that formed because of shortages.
Already, 11 people have died in bread lines since early February, including a heart attack victim and a woman hit by a car while standing in a queue that stretched into the street, security sources said.
But it was also a tribute to hope and faith in New York City and America's ability to recover from the worldwide Depression of the early 1930s--and the project kept hundreds of men off the bread lines.
It would be a world of quotas, rations, and bread lines, of informants, subterfuge, and fear.
The overall effect is of a historical theme park--as if war and bread lines were quaint relics of the past, instead of the seething modern problems they are.
An investigation by Human Rights Watch claimed fighter jets targeted bakeries, bread lines and hospitals in the war-torn country's north.
Overcrowded and overwhelmed emergency shelters, bread lines, hospitals, and morgues struggled to do too little too late for those who expected a quicker response.
Hovis Enjoy will be the umbrella banner for 17 bread lines, including 15 existing breads such as Crusty White, Original Wheatgerm and two new lines-White Granary with added seeds and grains, and Country Sandwich.
who is also a co-packer for Wolfgang Puck's Products, sells its branded pizza, potatoes, meatball and garlic bread lines to such national retail grocery chains as Kroger (Smith's, Ralph's, and Fred Meyer), Safeway (including Von's and Dominicks's), Albertson (Lucky Stores) plus Acme.