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Synonyms for breadfruit

native to Pacific islands and having edible fruit with a texture like bread

a large round seedless or seeded fruit with a texture like bread

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A typical day at the Prince Ngu Hospital in Vava'u can see Samuel assist in numerous amputations, deliver babies, carry out ward rounds and treat all kinds of ailments and conditions - including setting the broken bones of a child "who lost a fight with a falling bread fruit".
Fruit and nutcracker Sandwich of peanut butter and humus on granary or seeded bread fruit yoghurt breadsticks and raisins satsuma pear A handful of raisins counts as one portion of fruit.
When Da-Duh shows her grandchild the various trees growing on her plot of land, she names them with proprietary pride: "'This here is bread fruit,' she said.
The failure of the Bounty expedition, to gather bread fruit for the slaves in the West Indies, and the trials and retributions that followed Bligh's return to England two-and-a-half years after the Bounty first sailed, are all described in great storytelling style.