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Synonyms for breadbox

a container used to keep bread or cake in


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Floral Sabichi bread bin, pounds 19 from Woolworths Left, Tea towels, pounds 9.
IT had been consigned to the bottom of the bread bin but it's back from the dead - and baked to perfection.
I worry whether I should have dressed smarter, but it turns out it's a bread bin.
They had tools in the bread bin and mould on walls.
Somehow when you have been in the situation of staring into the bread bin and calculating if there are enough slices to carry your kids through until payday, healthy eating takes a bit of a back seat to, well, just eating.
The pupils designed a bread bin which - using funding provided by BEF - they had professionally manufactured and branded with their team name Three Little Birds.
You have learnt that when you see chocolate, wine or a hot person of the opposite sex in tight shorts that there is likely positive reward about to occurour wild child hormone kicks in and we unleash the inner ravenous beast that can destroy a bread bin, eat a tin of Christmas chocolate or succumb to temptation on a night out.
Store things correctly - bread in the bread bin and all fruit and veg except pineapples, bananas, potatoes and onions in the fridge.
MY friend has been trying to buy a bread bin, toaster and kettle in lime green but has been unsuccessful.
An Italian-style restaurant will open in the heart of Amble in the building formally known as the Bread Bin, which closed in January 2009 with the loss of six jobs.
Weapons were even stored in Tupperware boxes and a bread bin in the kitchen.
30am, you peeled open the bread bin and declared "oh no, there's only a white milk loaf left", it was like a wrecking-ball had slammed into my stomach, knocking all the wind out of my sails (think I've mixed my metaphors there, but that's a different kettle of ball games).
THE loaf in your bread bin these days usually comes ready-wrapped at the supermarket.
But his ambition to make a career for himself in accountancy is being thwarted by the fact that he has the mathematical aptitude of a bread bin.