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Synonyms for breadbox

a container used to keep bread or cake in


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Stripe bread bin, PS22, Ben de Lisi at Debenhams debenhams.
Floral Sabichi bread bin, pounds 19 from Woolworths Left, Tea towels, pounds 9.
The duck egg blue is serene enough to balance the bold width of colour, and the white brings a clean, THERE is nothing stale about this fun bread bin - perfect for keeping your loaves and rolls cafe fresh.
As President Pyjamas said, she must have very understanding parents - our algae cultures are strictly restricted to the bread bin.
Weapons were even stored in Tupperware boxes and a bread bin in the kitchen.
THE loaf in your bread bin these days usually comes ready-wrapped at the supermarket.
Ah, I asked her, so what happened to the bread bin we gave you last year?
They had tools in the bread bin and mould on walls.
Pyramid kettle, PS39; three storage jars, PS16; fruit bowl, PS8; microwave, PS75; four-toaster, PS35; bread bin, PS28; pedal bin, PS48; oven gloves, PS8.
Stripe bread bin, PS22, Ben de Lisi at Debenhams Large stripe multicolour floor cushions, PS48 each.
Prosecutors described how four digital scales were also found in the house, as well as a selection of small bags, which were hidden in Joseph's bread bin.
Every weeknight Bryan Burnett spins your favourite tunes on his Radio Scotland show, but what he really wants is a bread bin.
Backstage info: It's going to be a long, cold Christmas for the old shoemakers with no bread in the bread bin, no wood for the fire and no money to buy each other presents.
MY friend has been trying to buy a bread bin, toaster and kettle in lime green but has been unsuccessful.