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one whose earnings are the primary source of support for their dependents

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India has witnessed a revolution in the field of women empowerment, where women from marginalized sections of society have taken up professions like making hand made brooms to become self sufficient and bread winners of their families.
A similar volume is Bread Winners Too (the earlier Bread Winners is also good) by Mel London, Rodale Press, 1984.
In so doing they tore the heart out of many local communities, they tore miner from miner, they set family against family when those families' bread winners stood proud against Thatcher/Conservative oppression, fighting for the only livelihood they had ever known.
In some countries they are bread winners, Often called upon to deal with death, left as orphans to fend alone, & look after siblings.
A spokesman for the striking binmen said: "What we would like is someone from the public works committee to come and explain how we - bread winners of families - how we are supposed to live with these cuts.
It must be remembered that we, the tax payers,must support all those families while their bread winners remain idle.
When Andy Allison, a manager of Bread Winners Cafe and Bakery in Dallas, saw John Rocker and his girlfriend walk into his restaurant on August 4, he barely suppressed a cringe.
Both male and female students, meanwhile, anticipate that men will be the major bread winners in their future families, and that women are more suited to caring for children at home, the commission said.
Their unlimited support for "single parenting" has fuelled the birth of a generation of youngsters doomed to grow up as the unwitting bread winners in dangerously flawed environments.
Successful men will go on being largely irrelevant to their families' lives, except as bread winners.