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one whose earnings are the primary source of support for their dependents

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The widows and orphans who have lost their bread winners in the bomb blasts would be given substantial amount of money with which they would earn livelihood.
The families of these teachers while inviting attention of chief minister Punjab to the pitiable plight they are undergoing due to non payment of salary to their sole bread winners have demanded for immediate release of the salaries.
Diane Benussi, of Birmingham-based Benussi & Co, said the ruling would turn divorce cases into bitter fights which would result in fewer wealthy bread winners getting married.
Rather than having to work multiple jobs, family bread winners can keep one job, then work from home, or work from home all together.
Rizwan Naseer, in connection with the day said we need to make a commitment to reduce this leading cause of death amongst young earning bread winners of our society, which is leading to a huge socio-economic burden on the economy of Pakistan.
Not only are women the leading bread winners in more than one-third of Brazilian households but also, according to research conducted by the market institute Sophia Mind, they are responsible for the purchasing decisions involving 66% of all that is consumed by their families.
Gambling on horse races at websites has put several families at the verge of financial disaster as their bread winners have lost not only money but also the jewelry and property .
BREAD WINNERS Players from the under-10, under-12 and under-13 girls' teams at Leam Rangers FC (above and below) show off their new strips provided by sponsors the Allied Bakers Union.
Both male and female students, meanwhile, anticipate that men will be the major bread winners in their future families, and that women are more suited to caring for children at home, the commission said.
Their unlimited support for "single parenting" has fuelled the birth of a generation of youngsters doomed to grow up as the unwitting bread winners in dangerously flawed environments.