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one whose earnings are the primary source of support for their dependents

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But how easy is it for this to play out in today'sMarriage where wives have become majorly the bread winner is a food for thought.
The court, however, considered the wife of the victim and his daughters as actually affected by the accident since the victim is their sole bread winner and that he is no longer able to support them.
In a nearby tent, where a family of six lives, the bread winner, a day labourer at the Greater Amman Municipality, said he was forced into tent life due to his tough condition and inability to meet his family's daily needs.
The Hayatuna Family Protection plan provides protection to family members in case of death or disability of the bread winner, while the Hayatuna Critical Care plan covers critical illnesses such as heart attacks, cancer, kidney failures and major organ transplant, among others.
Land issues built up over decades remain complex; some people do not know what happened to lost loved ones; and many women heads of household face difficulties playing the dual roles of bread winner and care provider," he was quoted as saying in the statement.
Adam (Slick the Dick) is a hard working bread winner for his family, but there is something his wife Eve (Jar Jar) is hiding or rather scheming.
One way we can help is when the main bread winner of the family has had to move to find work, and, instead of living up here in Gosforth, the family are all in Tunbridge Wells and having to rent out their old home in Gosforth.
Dani's mother is currently the family's bread winner, and Dani finds herself taking on many family responsibilities, including being her younger sister's primary caregiver.
He also asked the organisations for which Rohani was working for financial support as the journalist was the only bread winner of the family.
Other statistics in the report revealed that families in which women are the main bread winner are 25-30% poorer than those who are led by men.
He was the only bread winner for his family," said Shinu.
The brother of Abed Rabbo said that his brother is the sole bread winner for the family and that he supports his mother and eight young siblings.
I am more than willing to be the bread winner if he is willing to occasionally bake the loaf.
This system was proposed in South Africa and was quickly kicked into touch when it was found that the social implications of people losing jobs and their immediate families not having a bread winner would be too great.