breach of promise

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failure to keep a promise (of marriage)

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Miss Rugg was a lady of a little property which she had acquired, together with much distinction in the neighbourhood, by having her heart severely lacerated and her feelings mangled by a middle-aged baker resident in the vicinity, against whom she had, by the agency of Mr Rugg, found it necessary to proceed at law to recover damages for a breach of promise of marriage.
MISS Lily Eyton Jones, a Liverpool music-hall artiste professionally known as Lily Eyton, of Bolsover Street, London, today, in the King's Bench Division, sued Captain Edward Ludlow Porter for damages and breach of promise of marriage.
The pages include an advertisement for a six-cylinder Daimler, a section titled New York Prices, an article relating to the Boer War and a court story about a breach of promise of marriage.
100 Years Ago Violet Constance Harrocks, Sleaford House, Aston, brought an action for breach of promise of marriage against William George Hinshuffle, Church Street, Tamworth, mineral water manufacturer.
In the bible Judges have a book of their own, like Deuteronomy, only more readable, and in the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta Trial By Jury the judge married the plaintiff because he couldn't hang around all day, thus did he resolve an action for breach of promise of marriage.